Are You a Spender or Saver, Cancer?

Kelli Fox

Are you a spender or saver? How does your Sun Sign influence your spending and saving habits? Find out if you are likely to jump on the financial bandwagon and invest with the masses or if you will go it alone and devise your own money-making strategies. Your sign will also reveal how you feeling about putting money away for the future or just a rainy day.

You’re a sweet, kind and giving person, but you still manage to keep a firm grip on your money. You’re more than willing to set funds aside in order to ensure a secure tomorrow. In fact, your entire financial-planning strategy is built around protecting your assets — even when an opportunity arises with great potential for high returns. This makes you a risk-averse investor. When it comes to finding companies you’d like to invest in, you dig into the historical data. Tradition means a lot to you, so you prefer older, well-established businesses with a proven track record. You can also do very well in real estate.

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