Your Scorpio Boss

Kelli Fox

The work environment can be described as an organized jungle. This is not to say that you or your co-workers are animals. However, your boss can be an intimidating and a domineering pack leader. You can avoid conflict with your boss by examining his or her behaviors. Each sign has a set of characteristics that can be easily detected. If you already know your boss’s zodiac sign, you are encouraged to learn more to improve your business relationship, or at least keep the peace while working.

Your Scorpio boss is naturally stubborn, strong-willed, and strategic. Scorpio people are passionate and driven towards success. They will sometimes force others to follow their personal rules. However, you will be expected to meet the company's requirements. The mature Scorpio boss will be less intense than younger Scorpio's. If your boss is very controlling, then he or she might be a Scorpio.  Scorpio bosses can teach subordinates how to develop a competitive drive in the workplace. They can also provide financial advice for retirement purposes. Scorpio bosses will most likely have excellent resource and business connections. Although, they are intense, Scorpio's can help you advance quickly.

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