Sagittarius and Retirement

Kelli Fox

If we are very lucky and plan carefully, retirement can be a wonderful time of life. Retirement can mean different ideas to each of us; some seek adventure, while others seek a peaceful quiet and contentment. Our astrological sign can direct us towards whatever retirement it is that we seek for ourselves. Your sign can direct you towards making the right choices for saving and investments, to neither rob from the present to pay for the future or living a devil-may-care, live for today lifestyle.

The archer is always aiming for the horizon; they're ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck. A Mutable Fire sign, Sagittarius can go with the flow, but their restlessness and need for excitement encourages changing horses in mid-stream. While this sign might have good money Karma, it's only because in their optimism, they believe there's always more coming. Money isn't the driving force for Sagittarius, its adventure. Short-term investing can be an adventure, but sometimes in all the excitement, Sagittarius can lose focus. Famous for reckless spending based on their boundless optimism; Sagittarius wins big or loses big. Their optimism and determination make Sagittarius winners, still looking for that mountain of gold, long after everyone else has gone home.

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