Money and You, Taurus

Kelli Fox

Unlike daily and monthly horoscopes, your Sun Sign money profile never changes. It tells, according to your sign, how you think and behave when money is a part of the equation. Your money profile will point out your strongest business traits, how you feel about money and what you are willing to do to get more of it and hold on to it longer.

When it comes to your finances, Taurus, you have a major bonus working in your favor: money loves you. You have the power to attract it almost without trying, so banish any fears you may have about poverty and instead adopt a mantra of calm, contented financial security.

Let money flow naturally toward and around you, and stop worrying about whether you have enough of it. Better yet, recognize that any anxiety you have about finances is actually rooted in your deep need for security. You might even develop some funny habits as a result of this anxiety, such as keeping several small stashes of cash around your house, or collecting — or even hoarding — possessions. If you have trouble letting your material belongings go, it’s time to learn that these don’t provide true security. That can only come from your values and your inner sense of trust in the universe — and, of course, from all that hard work for which you’re so famous!

You may be penny wise and pound foolish, as the old saying goes, forgoing minor necessities because you think you can’t afford them, even as you splurge on costly luxuries. Although Taurus has a reputation for being, well, a bit greedy, you can also be extremely generous. You fully enjoy earthly pleasures and you want to live the good life, but that can be expensive. It’s a good thing, then, that you’re so hardworking — not to mention such a money magnet. How else could you afford your many indulgences?

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