Money and You, Sagittarius

Kelli Fox

Unlike daily and monthly horoscopes, your Sun Sign money profile never changes. It tells, according to your sign, how you think and behave when money is a part of the equation. Your money profile will point out your strongest business traits, how you feel about money and what you are willing to do to get more of it and hold on to it longer.

You’re blessed with great money karma, Sagittarius — a good thing, since you probably spend loosely at best! But although your planetary ruler, Jupiter, is known for bestowing luck, bounty, blessings and opportunities, you should try not to become too dependent on these celestial benefits. As your returns and dividends pile up along with consumer debt, you’ll have to work to develop skills in managing your wealth.

Of course for you, money is merely a means to an end — and what an end it is! You love indulging your taste for adventure by jetting around and expanding your horizons in any way you can. But even when you’re traveling on a shoestring, it can still drain your finances. You may hit lean periods from time to time, but your optimistic spirit can carry you through even the driest of dry spells. Plus, your skill at recognizing lucrative opportunities combined with your willingness to take risks means you’ll never be broke for long: when you run out of money, you can just earn some more!

This sensation of ease and plenty also supports your naturally generous character and your sense of freedom. Of course, if your financial adventures provide enough thrills, you may not need the adventure of a trip abroad. A ride on the stock market roller coaster doesn’t upset you the way it does other people, because you have faith things will bounce back. And if anyone can make money in foreign markets or currency, it’s you. This is an area well worth your investigation. Time to broaden your investment horizon, Sagittarius!

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  1. foxy on September 14, 2017 at 4:27 pm

    Yayyyyy finally focused on making money as a thrill, instead of traveling.

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