What’s Your Money Motivator, Taurus?

Kelli Fox

Your money motivator tells you what gets your financial juices flowing and what makes your stream of income run dry. It will show you how others may view you through your financial habits and give insight into what careers you may enjoy pursuing and why.

The people around you might wonder how you ever get anything accomplished, ?Taurus, considering your slow pace and methodical approach to a task or problem. But it’s their surprise at the end of the day, when you’ve worked circles around everyone else. You possess incredible endurance; you can work through all sorts of obstacles, including pain. Since you thrive in nature, outdoor jobs such as camp counselor, park ranger or environmentalist are all good choices for you. You might also enjoy jobs requiring physical strength, especially when you’re young. Later on, a career in banking or the finance industry could be a good fit. Just be sure to avoid high-stress jobs that test your nerves.

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