What’s Your Money Motivator, Sagittarius?

Kelli Fox

Your money motivator tells you what gets your financial juices flowing and what makes your stream of income run dry. It will show you how others may view you through your financial habits and give insight into what careers you may enjoy pursuing and why.

Like a frisky pony, your exuberant energy can be hard to rein in. Since you’re both vibrant and engaging, you shouldn’t work alone, nor should you toil away at a job that stifles your sense of joy or creativity — though it’s unlikely that you’d stay in a situation like that for long.

Since you’re open to the wonder of the world, teaching is right up your alley; there’s no doubt you’d devise imaginative lesson plans! The travel industry is another natural fit, as this field could give wing to your urge for new experiences. And with your integrity and strong moral sense, you could do quite well in the legal profession.

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