What’s Your Money Motivator, Aquarius?

Kelli Fox

Your money motivator tells you what gets your financial juices flowing and what makes your stream of income run dry. It will show you how others may view you through your financial habits and give insight into what careers you may enjoy pursuing and why.

With your passion for the unusual and insistence on personal freedom, Aquarius, your career choices won’t be the ones laid out for you by familial expectations or tradition. Instead, you’re at your best in a profession that requires not only imagination and trailblazing energy, but also an understanding of structure and form.

Science could really appeal to you, especially cutting-edge subjects like quantum physics or aeronautics. The computer industry, from networking to tech support to Web 2.0, is another area in which you could easily excel. And with your strong principles and ideals, working for a non-profit organization or in the alternative energy field could give you great personal satisfaction as well as providing a steady income.

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