Are You a Leader or a Follower, Libra?

Kelli Fox

Leadership — based in natural power, courage and control, it’s a quality most people respect and many desire to possess. After all, who wouldn’t want to command a room as soon as they walked into it? We all want others to listen to us, to treat us with respect and to recognize our authority. But the world doesn’t just need leaders. It also needs followers — people who take direction well and comply with the rules; people who manifest others’ visions by carrying their ideas through to the finish. When it comes to getting great things accomplished, people rarely do it on their own. Instead, they join together in teams of leaders and followers — visionaries and those who bring those visions into reality. Thus, both leaders and followers are essential to progress. Are you a leader or a follower?

In many ways, Libra makes a natural leader. You know how to use your charm and style to draw people to your side, and you’re filled with creative ideas, not to mention the energy needed to get them off the ground. Furthermore, you have a strong sense of right and wrong. Your kindness and commitment to justice make you an excellent manager of a team of people — but, of course, managing and leading are two different things. You can also be quite indecisive — a side effect of your desire to accommodate everyone, which any leader should know is impossible. The truth is, you tend to work best in a partnership. You enjoy bouncing ideas off your partner, and when it’s time to play a round of “good cop, bad cop,” you can rely on the other person to fill the tough role while you play the softie.

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  1. Jonathan Tuer on May 13, 2019 at 8:18 pm

    Very interesting. Being a libra myself I do feel like I want to accommodate everyone. What I find most difficult it seems is having a strong opinion and enforcing it. I think it comes from a lack of understanding or knowledge of the situation.

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