What’s Your Job Interview Style, Taurus?

Kelli Fox

Job interviews tend to strike terror into the strongest of hearts, but knowing how to play to your strengths really does help. Here’s a quick and easy guide to your sign’s job interview style – what to showcase, and which “talents” might be best left un-mentioned! If you know your Ascendant sign, read that one too, because our Ascendant signs usually come across strongly in a “first impressions” situation such as a job interview.

Taurus is a hard working, down to earth sign, and that’s exactly how you come across in an interview too. Your carefully considered answers let interviewers know that you are taking the process seriously….but sometimes you can appear a little on the dull side. Help the powers-that-be to see you as a whole person, not just an applicant. Using your dry sense of humor can help, and don’t forget to smile! You do well in tests, but off-the-wall interviews where you’re required to do something silly completely turn you off – and it shows. You won’t give up your dignity for something as small as a job, because you have values which extend much deeper than that.Do: Talk with passion about your hobbies, charity work or unusual talents – anything that makes you come alive.Don’t: Make it all about the money.

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