What’s Your Job Interview Style, Pisces?

Kelli Fox

Job interviews tend to strike terror into the strongest of hearts, but knowing how to play to your strengths really does help. Here’s a quick and easy guide to your sign’s job interview style – what to showcase, and which “talents” might be best left un-mentioned! If you know your Ascendant sign, read that one too, because our Ascendant signs usually come across strongly in a “first impressions” situation such as a job interview.

Easily distracted by the hot guy walking past the office window and can easily confused by questions which span more than one sentence, Pisces in an interview gives off a slightly kooky, slightly vague but very appealing aura. You have a natural empathy which makes others warm to you, especially if the job involves the caring professions, but you do lack the killer instinct and this is all too obvious in jobs of a more competitive nature. What your interview lacks in focus, it more than makes up for in your intuitive understanding of the role. If you can concentrate long enough, and avoid mentioning “that incident”, then you will give a good account of yourself.Do: Go with your gut instinct when answering questions.Don’t: Be too needy or insist upon knowing when you will hear a result.

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