What’s Your Job Interview Style, Libra?

Kelli Fox

Job interviews tend to strike terror into the strongest of hearts, but knowing how to play to your strengths really does help. Here’s a quick and easy guide to your sign’s job interview style – what to showcase, and which “talents” might be best left un-mentioned! If you know your Ascendant sign, read that one too, because our Ascendant signs usually come across strongly in a “first impressions” situation such as a job interview.

Libra is a charming and a socially at ease sign, and you find it relatively easy to put on a good show at an interview – provided it’s all nice and friendly. Where you start to unravel slightly is if the interviewers adopt more aggressive techniques. You quickly become flustered if challenged on something, and you’re liable to take personally remarks which might be designed to test, well, whether you take things personally or not. Cultivate calm, keep smiling and be gracious if you are shown to be wrong about something. In a group interview situation, don’t allow others to walk over you. You’re a nice person, but do you want the job or not?Do: Emphasize your fondness for hard work (!)Don’t: Give up on yourself too easily.

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