What’s Your Job Interview Style, Gemini?

Kelli Fox

Job interviews tend to strike terror into the strongest of hearts, but knowing how to play to your strengths really does help. Here’s a quick and easy guide to your sign’s job interview style – what to showcase, and which “talents” might be best left un-mentioned! If you know your Ascendant sign, read that one too, because our Ascendant signs usually come across strongly in a “first impressions” situation such as a job interview.

A born communicator, you approach interviews much as you’d approach any other situation – with friendliness, openness and a certain degree of informality which doesn’t always go down too well. Make sure that you are aware of any dress codes, and don’t be too familiar with the interviewer. Your ability to talk is not in any doubt, however, and you can come up with interesting, valid and impressive answers to most questions, which is a huge plus. In a group interview situation, don’t forget why you’re there – this is not a social event! Your likeable and affable nature puts you at a distinct advantage though, with all but the most heard-hearted of interviewers. Do: Give concrete examples to show that you can walk the walk as well as talk the talk.Don’t: Dwell too much on your somewhat checkered work history.

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