Your Gemini Boss

Kelli Fox

The work environment can be described as an organized jungle. This is not to say that you or your co-workers are animals. However, your boss can be an intimidating and a domineering pack leader. You can avoid conflict with your boss by examining his or her behaviors. Each sign has a set of characteristics that can be easily detected. If you already know your boss’s zodiac sign, you are encouraged to learn more to improve your business relationship, or at least keep the peace while working.

Your Gemini boss is naturally active, intelligent, and communicative. Gemini people are talkative and friendly. However, they can be cold and focused during work hours. Gemini's have the keen ability to multitask easily, which is a quality they know others may not have. You should not get frustrated if your Gemini boss completes a work task for you. The Gemini boss wants to make sure everything is in order before the work day ends, and they don't like to punish their employees. You will never be bored while working under the supervision of a Gemini. These folks are excellent teachers as well. If you want to learn anything new about the workplace, a Gemini boss will be glad to help.

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