Capricorn and Retirement

Kelli Fox

If we are very lucky and plan carefully, retirement can be a wonderful time of life. Retirement can mean different ideas to each of us; some seek adventure, while others seek a peaceful quiet and contentment. Our astrological sign can direct us towards whatever retirement it is that we seek for ourselves. Your sign can direct you towards making the right choices for saving and investments, to neither rob from the present to pay for the future or living a devil-may-care, live for today lifestyle.

The reason this sign is symbolized by a goat is due to their stability. Onward and upwards, slow and steady wins the race is their motto. You're not troubled by saving, only wishing you had more to save. A Capricorn sees money as security and security as status. Making wise investment decisions validates a Capricorn's status driven nature. A Capricorn will seek dependable marquee investments rather than start-ups. You’re loyal in your investments and dealings. This sign also believes; if it ain't broke don't fix it. Ruled by Saturn, the task master planet, Capricorn is known for a conscientious work ethic and an eye for the bottom line. They're sometimes accused of being frumpy, but Capricorn is confident in knowing the way to the top, no matter how long it takes.

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