What’s the Best Job for You, Taurus?

Kelli Fox

What’s the best career choice for a person like you? How can you use the talents and abilities of your sign to take you as far as possible in your vocation? Can you find work that will inspire, encourage and permit you to do something you love?

As one of the hardest-working signs of the Zodiac — and the most dependable — you can be a prized employee no matter what career you chose or where you decide to work. So why not choose a profession that best suits your fundamental nature? Yours is a sign that loves nature and the outdoors, so working as a farmer or gardener is ideal. Being a botanist, zoologist or park ranger gets you outside for long periods of time.

Other skilled careers like carpentry, contracting, building or architecture also require a lot of field work. Taurus is a sign associated with money, which suggests careers in banks or banking, finance, investment, loans, venture capitalism or any place where money is handled. You’d make a fine financial advisor, stockbroker or money manager, thanks to your natural good sense about the best use of resources. Luxury is also a Taurus domain, so you could gravitate to designing, creating or selling any high-end product such as jewelry or fine arts.

On the other hand, you’re eminently practical, physically strong, and you love routine. Therefore, sensible, always-in-demand jobs such as plumbing, mechanics, construction or repair are appropriate, and give you the regularity you crave. Careers in public utilities such as power or water fill this bill, too. Taurus people place a lot of importance on eating well, so the food industry attracts many people born under the sign of the Bull. There are many Taurus bakers and cooks! No matter what profession you choose, Taurus, you’re sure to bring your special brand of strength, stability and endurance to it.

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  1. Adedoyin adebayo on June 16, 2017 at 2:19 am

    Yeah,this is more like me,u good,I do posses most of d qualities u describe here.

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