Best Careers for Taurus

Kelli Fox

Settling on a career path to pursue can be quite a tricky business. What type of work will make you feel happy and fulfilled, as if you’re doing something meaningful with your life? Which job will provide the income and benefits you need to support the lifestyle of your choosing? Which profession will meet the ambition that swells within you, fulfilling the image you have of yourself? Some of us are lucky enough to find an occupation early and easily that feels like a natural fit — one that utilizes our strengths while challenging us to develop our weaker points; one that is engaging and fascinating and a pleasure to show up to every day. But many of us are still searching for that perfect job that can become a career for life. If you’re in the latter category, read on to find out about the gifts and strengths of your astrological sign that can translate into the perfect career for you.

The Bull would do well in any career featuring tactile or sensory pleasures, such as a gourmet chef, a florist, a chocolatier or a potter, all of which benefit from Taurus’s natural creativity and eye for aesthetics. You might also love working in a bedding store specializing in fine linens, or a yarn store featuring gorgeous colors and all-natural fibers. You have excellent physical endurance and can excel at jobs requiring energy and stamina, including professional golfer or endurance athlete. Considering that many Taureans tend to be sedentary, a physical career can also be a real benefit to your health. Finally, a job that offers you good benefits and financial stability, such as a career in banking or real estate, could be quite fulfilling due to the comfortable lifestyle it affords you. Whichever career you choose, you’re sure to work hard at it and stick with it — which is why it’s particularly important for the Bull to find the right career path. Otherwise, you might stay with an occupation that isn’t fulfilling, simply out of habit or a sense of duty.

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  1. mc mohapatra on August 12, 2017 at 11:07 pm

    I want a job in real estate as a official/executive. I have competed 22 years service in army as as a junior commsioned officer(JCO) (clerk trade) and my age is 42 years.

  2. minaz on February 18, 2018 at 4:52 pm

    I worked with a doctor ,as we both establish a very successful programme and now manager says I cant work with him due to some reason that does not make sense to me

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