Astrology and Finances: Pisces Money Profile

Kelli Fox
Astrology and Finances: Pisces Money Profile

How does your Astrological sign handle finances? The answer changes dramatically from one Sun sign to the next: While some signs are impulsive with their cash, others are naturals at saving for that proverbial rainy day. Some signs are driven to make money, while others have an easy-come, easy-go relationship with jobs and income. And as for investments, each sign approaches opportunities differently, whether with caution, optimism, confidence or indecision. Read on to find out how your Zodiac sign approaches all aspects of finances, from career to savings and investments and more.

The sign of the Fish isn’t very practical when it comes to finances, so saving money or pursuing a high-income career may not be in the cards for you. You also possess a very tender heart, making it all too easy for you to get stuck in situations where you’re paying more than you can afford to support someone else as well as yourself. Since you tend to have a loose, unrealistic relationship with money — you might even be the type to ignore consumer debt or other problems, as if that will make them disappear — it may be smart for you to work with an accountant or financial advisor. Just be sure to find someone trustworthy who can give you sound advice about how to spend and invest your cash. Don’t let anyone take financial advantage of your idealistic, compassionate nature.

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  1. amarlal on June 17, 2017 at 7:36 am

    you have done a real general statement about pisces. but in this world can’t live without money. in your view, is there any possibilities about gaining money by the current planetary positions for pisces.

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