Astrology and Finances: Libra Money Profile

Kelli Fox

How does your Astrological sign handle finances? The answer changes dramatically from one Sun sign to the next: While some signs are impulsive with their cash, others are naturals at saving for that proverbial rainy day. Some signs are driven to make money, while others have an easy-come, easy-go relationship with jobs and income. And as for investments, each sign approaches opportunities differently, whether with caution, optimism, confidence or indecision. Read on to find out how your Zodiac sign approaches all aspects of finances, from career to savings and investments and more.

The sign of the Scales is all about balance. Still, you love splurging on the many things you enjoy, including artwork, fine food, stylish clothing and more. You especially enjoy treating yourself and your friends to pleasures like an evening out on the town or a meal at a great, lively restaurant. In short, you might end up spending a good portion of your income on personal luxuries, such as stylish clothes, a nice car, or artwork and other items to beautify your home. On that note, as far as investments go, you might enjoy investing in art or other creative areas. You can be rather indecisive, however, so try not to let solid investment opportunities pass you by as you struggle to make up your mind about whether to proceed. You work well in partnerships, so consider hiring a trustworthy financial advisor who can steer you toward lucrative opportunities.

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