Astrology and Finances: Gemini Money Profile

Kelli Fox

How does your Astrological sign handle finances? The answer changes dramatically from one Sun sign to the next: While some signs are impulsive with their cash, others are naturals at saving for that proverbial rainy day. Some signs are driven to make money, while others have an easy-come, easy-go relationship with jobs and income. And as for investments, each sign approaches opportunities differently, whether with caution, optimism, confidence or indecision. Read on to find out how your Zodiac sign approaches all aspects of finances, from career to savings and investments and more.

The mercurial sign of the Twins is prone to making impulse buys — you just want to pursue your interests and whims, and you aren’t generally concerned with being frugal. For that reason, saving money can be an issue, unless you happen to be in a practical mood. The good news is, you’re both optimistic and quick on your feet, making it easier for you than for most to bounce back from financial setbacks. Your many and varied interests may cause you to switch jobs often, which can have an adverse impact on your finances, but your natural optimism keeps you from worrying unduly about maintaining a reliable, steady income. Plus, you’re so clever and dynamic that you tend to have plenty of lucrative schemes up your sleeve, so you’ll rarely find yourself in a serious pinch. On the other hand, you may do well to work with a financial advisor, accountant or partner who is willing to take a more practical approach to managing your finances than you might on your own.

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  1. Angel on April 9, 2017 at 7:59 am

    Thank you going thru most difficult time. Forclosure. I pray I can get back with finances An a reasonable little home. It has An is devastating.

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