Are You a Spender or Saver, Aries?

Kelli Fox

Are you a spender or saver? How does your Sun Sign influence your spending and saving habits? Find out if you are likely to jump on the financial bandwagon and invest with the masses or if you will go it alone and devise your own money-making strategies. Your sign will also reveal how you feeling about putting money away for the future or just a rainy day.

Money burns a hole in your pocket, doesn’t it, Aries? When you were little, you probably spent your allowance almost as soon as you earned it. The idea of saving for something special was a foreign concept, and maybe it still is — at least, until you’re ready for a grown-up toy.

You tend to be impulsive with your cash, and prefer to experiment with different types of savings and investment strategies rather than sticking with one that’s tried and true. Still, debt can snowball, so be careful, because it really limits your freedom. Since you’re more about instant gratification than long-term security, your best bet might be stashing your cash in short-term, high-yield accounts.

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