Aquarius and Retirement

Kelli Fox

If we are very lucky and plan carefully, retirement can be a wonderful time of life. Retirement can mean different ideas to each of us; some seek adventure, while others seek a peaceful quiet and contentment. Our astrological sign can direct us towards whatever retirement it is that we seek for ourselves. Your sign can direct you towards making the right choices for saving and investments, to neither rob from the present to pay for the future or living a devil-may-care, live for today lifestyle.

The Water-Bearer has their own ideas and usually marches to the beat of a different drummer. Your innate curiosity and love for learning makes investment almost entertaining for you. What with all those numbers to crunch and possibilities to pursue, you thrive on details! Being a Fixed Air sign, you're co-ruled by Uranus the planet of rebellion and by Saturn the planet of discipline. You serve two masters; you're a calculated investor, but also drawn to new and different ideas. Being able to detach your emotions from your money gives you the ability to see the difference between a different idea and a better idea. Experience is your teacher for the best investment strategy; you can handle both long and short-term investments, so try both.

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