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Venus trine Saturn

Stable, long-lasting love

Kelli Fox

In a world of constant changes and unreliable people, you're becoming a rock. You'll be one of those dependable, loyal people that everyone loves to have around this year. You won't be particularly social, but you'll accept anyone who comes to you.

Relationships will begin easily, mainly because you won't feel like dealing with anyone who doesn't connect well with you. These same relationships will also be much more likely to last longer because you'll just naturally have a stronger connection to people who are reliable. So romantically, you could find yourself with a strong, stable partner.Though you won't be overly social, you will find yourself concerned with appearances. You'll be very much aware of the public image of those with whom you associate yourself, as well as what others think of you. Try not to let this go to your head; let your grounded nature override any shallow tendencies. Help someone (or many someones) in need this year. Simple things like making soup for a sick friend or volunteering at a homeless shelter will go a long way toward helping another and feeling good about yourself. On the financial side of things, if you have a bit of extra money, this year will be a good time to invest as you'll be likely to see a pleasing return.

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