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Venus trine North Node

An easy future

Kelli Fox

Life is about to get so easy, and go so well, that if you're not careful, you could develop quite the lazy streak. You will integrate your social skills and your creative abilities in such a way as will bring many positive people and experiences into your life. Your openness to compromise will make you a very pleasant romantic partner, guaranteeing that if you haven't already met the love of your life, you could soon.It's through your interactions with others and your receptivity to what they say that you'll receive your greatest stimulation to continue on with your work and avoid that lazy streak.

So be sure to get out and about as much as possible -- you never know what random comment from another might inspire your next great idea. You may also become something of a pacifist this year, but that doesn't mean you have to take whatever someone dishes out. Stand up for yourself, and make sure your friends, and especially your job, are aligned with your values. This is your future you're preparing for, so don't let something that isn't for you be a driving force in your life. Take back control, and move on -- this will be one of the easiest years for you to make such a dramatic decision, so you might as well take advantage of it.

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