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Venus trine Mars

Love works for you

Kelli Fox

Cupid has decided to work for you this year. It will be a magical time for love, passion, romance and sex. If you're already with someone, things will work out smoothly.

You'll get along with each other well, and you'll be able to just go with the flow, no matter what comes up. That said, you'll also find that the relationship is full of passion, with the perfect blend of soft romance and fiery aggression. You two will certainly enjoy each other this year.Not with someone? That probably won't last long. This is a year of love for you, and you'll practically ooze romantic energy. An extremely strong magnetic force field will attach itself to you, and it will become impossible for you to not attract people. In fact, pretty much all you have to do is go stand outside and wait for someone to come up and ask you out. There's also a very good chance that someone you meet this year could turn into a very long-lasting relationship.But there's more to the coming year than just romance. Your creative skills will reach new heights, and they'll help you find unique solutions to any problem -- as long as you can keep yourself motivated and at the peak of performance. If you do start to feel lethargic, force yourself to get out and do something fun. Remaining active will be important.

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