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Venus square Uranus

The challenge of a detached love

Kelli Fox

There are people out there who are stable and dependable and do exactly as society expects of them. And then there's you. The next 12 months will see you doing everything in your power (intentionally or not) to be different, and, well, weird.

You'll be torn between searching for total freedom, and kind of wanting someone to share life with you. If you don't realize your desire for freedom, you could just end up unreliable, breaking dates at the last minute because 'something' just isn't right.You'll feel very detached, both romantically and sexually, and it will take someone of high intelligence to keep you interested. In fact, you'll probably need to meet someone as odd and kinky as you, if you're going to get anywhere with a relationship. Try to find someone who also has a similar need for space so they won't take it personally when you need to just up and leave for a couple days. Short vacations like that could be just what the doctor ordered to help you out mentally -- and escape from your reality could give you some perspective. Remember that pushing people away isn't going to help you any -- see if those closest to you can help you understand what it is you need.

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