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Venus square Saturn

Overcoming cynicism

Kelli Fox

Your perception of the world around you has a lot more to do with your opinion of it than of what's actually going on. For example, if the power goes out in your house, do you look at that as an opportunity to snuggle up with your sweetie, or do you consider it a personal curse to prevent you from watching the season finale? Unfortunately, you'll be much more likely to consider the latter, as anything optimistic will be fleeting in your mind for the next year.Life -- especially the relationship aspect of it -- could get tough.

You will be running too short on confidence to be able to relate appropriately to anyone around you, and that goes double for anyone who's looking to get close to you. Your fears of being out of control could drive away romance if you're not careful. Even if you already have a partner, your cynicism may get to be more than they can handle. Making the situation worse will be your tendency to feel excessively guilty for no reason. Not everything is your fault, and even if something is, you're going to really need to study the situation and determine if the depth of your guilt is really necessary. Focus on work if the rest of life gets to challenging -- at least there you'll have a paycheck to show for all you efforts.

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