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Venus square Pluto

Controlling and possessive

Kelli Fox

The perfect relationship is one in which both parties feel completely equal, and as you work your way through the upcoming year, you're going to realize just how important that is. But this realization will probably come the hard way. There's a dark, controlling, seductive side to your emotions and any relationship you belong to or venture into will be lopsided.

Your desire for power will become both possessive and obsessive, and until you understand your darker side, your relationships will never be as fulfilling as you'd like.Sexually, as well as romantically, you'll become very dominating, but you must remember that if you love someone, you need to set them free. If you don't trust your partner to go out and make their own decisions, then you're not in a healthy relationship; you're in a possessive situation that will likely spiral out of your control. You'll need to come up with creative outlets for your power issues, and try to turn them into an opportunity for self-transformation. Ultimately, this is about how much control you have over yourself, and when you realize that, you'll be on the path toward your own personal freedom.

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