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Venus square Neptune

Easily influenced

Kelli Fox

Do you remember those lectures and shows in school about not giving in to peer pressure? If so, good -- if not, you might want to dig up some of those old memories. Your self-image could suffer some setbacks as this year progresses, and you'll be awfully tempted to turn to others for support.

However, if you do that, you run the risk of being told how to improve yourself based on someone else's opinion, and not on what's actually right for you. You may also find yourself tempted by social situations involving alcohol and drugs. Do not go down that path! It will only lead you to more problems. Romance will also be a struggle for you. In addition to your difficulties with grasping who you are, you'll also have a hard time seeing your partner or anyone you date as they really are. Your ideals will be sky-high and you'll be extremely disappointed when you realize that the person you've fallen for is not really who you thought they were. At the same time, you'll be easily influenced by people, and you could find your values go through a time of fluctuation. Try to remain as true to yourself as possible throughout, so you don't find yourself making decisions that you'll regret later.

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