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Venus sextile Uranus

A unique take on others

Kelli Fox

Flashes of brilliance, intuitively knowing what others want -- you're golden, and your intelligence will shine brightly in the coming months. Your mind will sharpen and it will become easier and easier for you to relate to people. You'll get to the point where you almost seem to psychically know what others need.

Sexually, this will make you a very enjoyable partner. You'll likely get bored easily, though and find you move on to someone new at a more frequent rate than you're used to -- not necessarily in a promiscuous way, but on a more intellectual level.Your keen mind won't settle for anything less than the smartest types you can find, and you'll be drawn to interesting and unique folks. Social situations will provide you an opportunity to be more open, as you'll be able to wander through the crowd getting to know all sorts of new people. The inspiration you receive during these interactions could help you further some sort of creative pursuit you've been working on. If you find your values differ from others, try to explain them more clearly. With time, you'll find that people tend to come around to your way of thinking.

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