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Venus sextile Saturn

A fulfilling love

Kelli Fox

This is no time for some lighthearted, romantic fling. The stars have aligned themselves so that your upcoming year will be full with commitment and responsible love. Now it may not seem immediately like this is the most passionate or exciting time of your life, but this is an opportunity for the kind of love that really lasts -- the kind that indicates comfortably getting old together.

Ultimately, that can be a lot more exciting than any short-term escapade.You'll have a strong sense of responsibility, which will also benefit you when it comes to your career and your finances. Working hard and saving will be no trouble for you. You'll be sensible and loyal, which will translate into a good work environment -- and also a sturdy love life. As long as you can keep your communications and feelings clear, whatever relationship you're in now or start soon will have an excellent chance of being both fulfilling and long lasting. If you find yourself having trouble expressing your emotions, try some sort of creative means -- write a poem, draw a picture, spell it out with pepperoni on a pizza -- just get your feelings out in the open.

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