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Venus sextile Pluto

Deep connections

Kelli Fox

There is no such thing as a shallow love for you. Everything you do for the next 12 months will be done at the absolute deepest level, and you won't have any patience for small talk or superficial acquaintances. Get to know people for who they really are on all levels, especially your partner (or someone who may soon be your partner), and you'll discover a whole new world of relationships.

It is through this knowledge that you'll achieve understanding, and it's through understanding that you'll achieve acceptance. You'll find that the more you know and understand people, the harder it is for you to feel anything but true affection for them.You'll find this acceptance also draws you to people in need -- you'll want to help anyone you can. Channel your subconscious, creative energies, and you'll come up with unique and successful methods to assist anyone who needs it. By effectively communicating your most basic values, you'll also find that you're more likely to come into contact with those people with whom you can have the deepest connections. You can use this skill to avoid those shallow associations that will drive you crazy.

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