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Venus sextile Mars

Building relationships

Kelli Fox

From romance to friendship, you'll have a knack for building strong relationships with people. And whether you're part of a couple or searching for that perfect person, you'll have the skills and the luck to make it all work out. You'll have an incredible energy surging through you this year, and if you direct it toward romance, you'll reap the rewards.Be as social as possible for the next 12 months -- get out on the town, go out on dates, have fun with your friends -- anything to keep that energy flowing into positive, exciting outlets.

In fact, you'll have something of a flair for exciting and stimulating relationships, whether friendly or romantic, and you can bet those around you will have a hard time getting enough of you. You'll be strong-willed when necessary and more than willing to stand up for any issue or person who needs your support. Building and creating are key, whether that means building up relations or applying yourself to creative projects. All of this will only add to your magnetic appeal, and people just won't be able to help but be drawn to you. Make them happy and host many parties and get-togethers. Again, the more social you are, the more you'll enjoy your year.

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