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Venus sextile Jupiter

Your lighthearted side

Kelli Fox

There are times in your life when you need to throw out everything serious and challenging in your life, and focus on having some lighthearted fun. This whole year will be one of those times. That's not to say that you should eliminate everything you don't like, but more that you'll be naturally drawn to anything enjoyable and won't notice the harder aspects as much.

It will really come down to the fact that you'll have such an optimistic energy that something negative will hardly even register with you.Relationships of all sorts will bloom during this year, with your friendships taking the spotlight. You'll also have excellent rapport with anyone you work with as well as with any romantic interests. People will be drawn to your positive outlook, and they'll appreciate your uncanny ability to connect with them, especially when they need it most. Money will also come to you more easily, and you'll likely do well if you invest in some sort of creative endeavor. In fact, your own creativity will do well, especially in the realm of education. Whether that means learning or teaching is entirely up to you -- or you could just do both for a bit more variety.

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