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Venus retrograde

The Love Within

Kelli Fox

Sometimes there's more to love than the two people involved, and sometimes it's really all about you. This year, romance must begin -- and possibly end -- with you. In fact, there's a very good chance that you won't find someone else, or your current relationship may get a bit strained.

Don't rush any permanent decisions, though. You know that true love comes from the heart, and that means that if you don't really understand what your heart is looking for, true love may be hard to come by.Love will be very much internalized for you, and you'll think about it quite a bit. However, putting yourself out there will be unlikely to bring you any closer to finding the love of your life -- and it could even hurt you by making you more cynical or putting you in the path of a less than desirable relationship. If you're with someone seriously and considering marriage, try to postpone it for a year. Marriages that begin under this type of astral climate are generally not as successful as others. If you are with someone seriously, either currently married or not, realize that your focus must be on you for a while as you try to figure everything out.

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