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Venus quincunx North Node

Uncharted territories

Kelli Fox

In order to achieve your destiny, you will occasionally have to work your way through a world that is alien and distasteful to you. As this year moves along, that truth will become more and more clear, much to your disappointment. The question is; will you simply hide out and stick with what's safe, or will you venture off into uncharted territories in an effort to improve your future?

You probably know what the answer should be, but your instincts will lead you to stick with the safe route. Your goal for the year, though, will be to take off into at least one unknown direction.Finding the correct path is a solitary task, and one that could lead you to have to choose between a relationship and your destiny. Unfortunately, you really should go with the destiny -- a relationship that was meant to be will work out in the end, or you may have to find someone who's more appropriate for you later. Don't forget to ask for help if you need it -- your ability to communicate will be key. This may also be extremely hard, but it's a skill you'll need to learn if you're ever going to achieve true success.

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