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Venus opposite Saturn

Who's really in control?

Kelli Fox

The battle for control is about to commence. From relationships to work to finances to your emotions, you'll be struggling to be in charge of anything and everything around you. Ironically, the harder you try to maintain control, the more people you'll come across who are trying to do the same to you.

Even when others aren't placing restrictions on you, you'll project your own onto them, and they'll still come across as controlling. It's going to be up to you to understand what's happening and make the effort to free yourself of your own constraints.Your biggest challenge this year will be breaking down the wall to your emotions. Your conflict with relationships will be difficult enough, but if you can't come to terms with your true feelings, you'll never get anywhere. The best thing you can do is just learn to lighten up a bit and not take yourself so seriously. Don't try to deny that any of your problems exist, as that will probably only result in making matters worse. Instead, enjoy your life for what it is and don't get so caught up in your pessimistic details. You might want to spend some extra time at work if you're really feeling out of control since a project that you're working on will provide some level of power.

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