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Venus opposite Pluto

The darker side of romance

Kelli Fox

There will be a raw intensity to your desires this year, a dark side to your passions. Control will play a central role in all of your relationships. Are you the one in power, or do you feel powerless?

From work to sex, power-plays will rule all of your actions. Will your control stem from real power, or will it be an illusion you create because your self-esteem isn't where it should be? It will be up to you to harness your deepest, darkest emotions in an effort to truly be the master of your domain.Love and sex will be areas of your life that will require close attention. This will likely be a good year for both, as you'll feel an almost fated sense of attraction to whomever you're with -- you two (regardless of when you met/meet) are meant to be together. However, this strong attraction could fuel feelings of possessiveness and obsession. Be sure you don't take your deep-rooted love for this person too far -- obsession and jealousy do not equal love. If you feel like you're starting to go overboard, you'll want to study your emotions and try to determine just where they're coming from. Even your most superficial relationships could develop a certain level of intensity, and one your biggest challenges will controlling your sexual magnetism.

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