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Venus opposite Neptune

Projecting disappointment

Kelli Fox

You're going to have to take many steps back in the coming months in an effort to see what is really happening around you. So much of what you see will all be an illusion of your own creation. You'll project your extremely high ideals onto your partner, and then be disappointed when they can't meet your expectations.

You'll also tend to project your own shortcomings onto others, making it virtually impossible for anyone to please you. Even if you realize that you're placing these unreal expectations on the person you're with, you could still have difficulties because you won't know when you're doing it or how to stop.Similar illusions can upset other aspects of your life this year, as well. Money will create many challenges, and you'll be tempted to blame others for you own disorganization. Your illusions could become so strong that you'll have a hard time differentiating between what's really yours and what's someone else's. If possible, try to find a grounded partner who can help you through this (if you haven't already). You may be attracted to needy people, such as the unemployed, drug-addicts or romantically-challenged, but this will only make your life harder. You will be too needy yourself to be of much help to anyone else.

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