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Venus opposite Mars

Full of sexual tension

Kelli Fox

This could become a year full of distraction. When you're supposed to be working, you can't help thinking about a hot date later on. When you're supposed to be grocery shopping, you can't help wondering what your significant other is wearing.

For an entire year, you'll be a mass of sexual tension, and that could lead to problems in your sexual and non-sexual relationships.You'll find yourself pulled in opposing directions as one side of you feels soft and tender and the other is fiery and aggressive. At times you'll be kind and considerate, but those instances will be overpowered by selfish and thoughtless tendencies. You'll be torn between being the subservient partner in a relationship and being dominant. If you can't find a balance, the conflict will no longer just be found within you; the entire relationship will be tumultuous. If you're not with someone, you'll find you're easily attracted to new people -- but it will mostly be physical. You'll have a hard time finding someone worth committing to.Because you have so much pent up energy, your non-sexual relations could be just as trying. You'll be easily frustrated and likely to snap at whoever happens to be in the vicinity. Try to keep control of your temper, and channel that gentler side that's hidden deep within you.

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