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Venus in Taurus

Heightened senses

Kelli Fox

Sensual is hardly a strong enough word to describe your approach to life and love in the coming months. Your five senses will be highly developed and you'll love everything in its most beautiful state, from soft fabrics to flavorful foods to enhanced colors to gentle music to the sweetest flowers. You will seek out warm and comfortably safe places and people, and you will see nothing but the best and most luxurious aspects of life.You can be a money magnet this year, helping you finance the security you desire.

Still, there will be a fine line between earning enough so that you're comfortable and going to an extreme to guarantee that you have as much of a safety net as possible. This year is about living life to its fullest, and it's not a time to get too caught up in the rat race -- that will just make you miserable. Instead, enjoy all the little things around you, and realize that with a bit of diligence you can make almost any situation work out to your advantage. And of course, take some time out for love. With so much sensuality at your finger tips, you will make anyone you desire very happy.

Venus in Taurus in the Natal Chart

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