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Venus in Scorpio

Deep love

Kelli Fox

Still waters can run extremely deep. When those waters are your love life, you can add the colorful swirls of gasoline reflecting off the surface, but just waiting to be ignited. Oh, and you might want to throw a hidden whirlpool in at the bottom, too.

Your romantic life, which is usually complex enough on its own, is about to get many layers of mystery, depth and passion thrown in as well. You'll be a sexual magnet these next 12 months, and yet so much of you will remain hidden.There will be a dark side to your love and you could become very possessive and jealous. Your passions will be valuable to you and to those with whom you come in contact, and you'll do whatever you can to protect them. But if you become obsessive, overly sensitive or jealous, you'll know your efforts have been displaced. The intensity of your love and your creativity could be intimidating to some, but it's through these outlets that you'll reach a higher level of being. Your transformation this year to a much deeper soul will lead to an oddly empowering willingness to surrender your desires to the one you love most. Let the waters with in you boil up, and learn from the experiences they create.

Venus in Scorpio in the Natal Chart

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