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Venus in Pisces

A dreamy unification

Kelli Fox

A beautiful, friendly connection exists between you and everyone with whom you come into contact. Over the coming year, you will develop a great understanding of the depth to which love's power can and must penetrate into this world. You will be able to imagine all the ways in which feelings of unity can bring all people together under the guidance of the heart.

And though it might be a challenging task, you will attempt to use your own sensitivities to the love of others to try to bring just that sort of unity to life.You will be a highly compassionate soul, and you will easily see the divine in everyone. However, if you go too far with this, you could over-idealize those you care most about, and at the risk of pushing them away. Your imaginative depth is incredible, and you should use it to put yourself in the shoes of others to see how your energies might be affecting them. This same imagination can also produce the dreamiest, most aesthetic artwork imaginable. You will practically be a vessel for bringing dreams and all their imagery and symbolism into reality. Enact the powers of your imagination properly, and your dreamy demeanor could attract whomever you desire.

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