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Venus in Libra

Creating beauty

Kelli Fox

Could the world possibly be more beautiful? Absolutely! And you're about to prove just how great it can get.

Every one of your senses will be activated, and you will make it your mission in life to find beauty in even the ugliest scenes and to create beauty where there's nothing. You must remember, though, that beauty is relative, and it's impossible for all things to be aesthetically pleasing, no matter how hard you try to make it happen. Parts of this world must remain unsavory for us to appreciate the more desirable aspects.Your sweet soul, though, would love to see everyone equal and everything great. Perhaps that's not possible, but you can certainly do what you can to add more splendor to the areas around you. Take up an art project, or even help settle arguments between people. Your efforts will always result in some sort of good. And romantically, that's especially good news. Your pleasant charm and demeanor will make you an excellent and sensually exciting catch, and your affectionate and accommodating manners will place everyone's attention solely on you. Why look outward for beauty and justice, when it's so happily situated in you?

Venus in Libra in the Natal Chart

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