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Venus in Cancer

Trembling with emotion

Kelli Fox

Deep, romantic love was created for emotional creatures like yourself. If that isn't true at the time you read this, then just wait for the next few months to go into effect! Your entire being will tremble with love and emotion.

Roses and candlelight will be the pathway to your soul. It will be so easy for genuine emotions to flow through you -- both your own and those of others -- that you'll have no trouble making sense of any relational confusion going on around you.You might even want to consider counseling. If you aren't already on the path to becoming a professional counselor, then consider helping out your friends. Your empathetic nature will cut to the core of any issues they may be having, and you'll be able to help them come to a resolution over problems that may arise. Your imagination will also be strong, which will aid in your empathies, but it will also help you create a more perfect world for yourself. Imagining the romantic world you'd like to live in will be the first step toward turning it into a reality. This will be a very sensual time for you, so live it up and let the emotions just run over you like water.

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