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Venus in Aquarius

Unconventional love

Kelli Fox

Though your love will be quite desired, you may be slow to hand it out. Yours will be an almost untouchable emotion, keeping all those who want you at bay. You may be willing to share your love with many, from time to time, but you will become very detached when it comes to offering your affections to just one special person.

You might be better off channeling your feelings into assisting the community, where many can share your warmth. This will also offer you a great sense of self-worth. Devote yourself to creative projects that will require enormous amounts of vision and originality. Your mind will be unique and unpredictable, and anything you create will be equally fascinating. One of your major weaknesses though, will be a lack of staying power. You'll pick up an exciting project, but you could lose interest in it very quickly. This same issue will likely pop up in the romance department too. Few people will be able to hold your attention long enough for a real relationship to form. Or, if you're already part of a couple, you'll struggle to not get bored with someone you once found so fascinating. Try to hang on and wait this out before making any rash moves or decisions.

Venus in Aquarius in the Natal Chart

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  1. heather on June 16, 2018 at 1:26 am

    I only become bored when my partner is too predictable and has no interests to share with me.

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