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Venus conjunct Uranus

A free spirit

Kelli Fox

Everything you do this year will be inspired by your need for independence and freedom. In fact, 'free spirit' could easily become your nickname. This will be an excellent time for travel because you'll be so open to new experiences, and the more places you can visit, the freer you'll feel.

If you can get the time and the money, head abroad for as long as possible. If that doesn't work out, then take mini breaks -- travel to the nearest city and paint the town red, or discover how many odd little tourist spots are within a one- to two-day drive from your house.When it comes to love, you may develop an attraction for people who are a bit unusual. You won't want a commitment, and you'll develop a desire for something a bit kinkier than a typical relationship. It's unlikely that you'll be willing to settle for someone who doesn't have the same bent you do. Creative endeavors will also take on a new twist. You'll be way ahead of everyone else, and it may take a while for others to fully appreciate your take on the world around you. Let your creativity manifest itself in any project you consider worthwhile and just wait while everyone else slowly catches up.

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