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Venus conjunct Saturn

Difficulties with commitment

Kelli Fox

Relationships are nothing to take lightly, and you'll discover that the hard way this year. You'll have a strong craving for a deep and fulfilling commitment, but that will be one of the hardest things for you to come by. You've got your list, you know what you want, and you are not willing to settle for anything less.

Unfortunately, no one's jumping through your hoops. You're stuck between a rock (your list) and a hard place (loneliness). And if you do hook up with someone, it turns out to be a lot more work than you thought. It's frustrating. Your relationships with everyone will be something of a struggle this year, but nowhere will this be more evident than in the area of romance. You'll want to spend some time focusing on understanding yourself before you become duty-bound to a significant other.Keeping up a positive self-image could become a challenge, and if your attempts to do so fail, you may find yourself falling into a bit of a depression. This will be one of those interesting circles in which you'll feel better if you let your creative side through, but you won't feel creative until you can make yourself feel better. Try to surround yourself with positive people, and participate in activities that have cheered you up in the past. Once you start to feel good about who you are, find some creative activity such as writing or painting that will allow you to open yourself up to your emotions. Only then will you begin to truly establish yourself and be ready to delve into the world of romance.

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  1. heather gee on February 10, 2019 at 2:57 am

    I do try to surround myself with positive people – they are often a little thin on the ground.

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