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Venus conjunct North Node

Relationships guide your future

Kelli Fox

Your future lies in the direction of your relationships. From love to work to family to friends, it will be the connections you develop that will guide you on the path to your destiny. This will be especially true at work.

Through networking and communicating with coworkers, friend and acquaintances, you'll begin to get a feel for whether or not you're heading in the right direction with your current career, how you can get moving in the right direction, or if you should try something new altogether. If you do decide to try something new, it will be the development of these connections that can help take you there.Honing in your social skills in general will get you far this year. Get out and about as much as possible. If you're already in a relationship, socializing will help you realize just how much you appreciate what you've got. Or, if you're currently single and looking, the more social you are, the better your chances of meeting someone to whom you'll relate easily. While you may or may not meet your soul mate in the next 12 months, you can be sure that the associations you make will take you along the right path to fulfilling your destiny.

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