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Venus conjunct Neptune

Idealized love

Kelli Fox

Ah, the hopeless romantic within you has reared its beautiful, yet frustrating, head. You'll be so idealistic when it comes to romance this year that you may have a hard time meeting anyone who can fulfill your expectations. Instead, you'll over-romanticize all your relationships, seeing everything through rose-colored glasses and projecting unrealistic qualities onto your partner.

For a while this will all feel wonderful, but then you won't be able to help getting upset when you discover it was all an illusion. If you're currently with someone, try not to be too hard on them -- you'll enjoy the moments where you think everything is perfectYour imagination will become strong and bright this year, filling your head with poetic images and romantic ideals -- and maybe even delusions of grandeur? More likely, though, you'll just be drawn to anything glamorous. You'll be fascinated by all the beautiful people of Hollywood, and you'll love everything to do with movies. With your imagination working as it is, you might even want to try your hand at a movie script yourself. Just try to make sure that in your attempts to lead your own glamorous lifestyle, you don't break the bank. That kind of living doesn't come cheap.

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